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Please follow the prompts to create your NRHA account. You will begin by creating a Personal Identification Number and entering your contact information. When you click the process button our database will be searched to verify that no previous record exists and you will receive an email with your NRHA Member number. You will be routed to the Member Log In screen where you can log in and complete the membership application process.
If you have been an NRHA Member in the past and need your NRHA number, please contact the NRHA office at memberships@nrha.com or 405.946.7400

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Individual accounts are general purpose accounts used by a single person. Joint accounts are for two individual people who desire to share a single membership for ownership or nominating purposes. Joint accounts are NOT eligible to be listed as the rider of the horse or for Life memberships. Business accounts are for ranches, businesses or other entities to use for ownership or nominating purposes. Business accounts are NOT eligible to be listed as the rider of the horse or for Life memberships.
Note: Any account has the ability to subscribe to the NRHA Reiner online, view reports online, and much more.

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